Friday, January 27, 2012

How about dem Miami Marlins?

Oh yeah i'm excited about the new additions. From the new "Nameless" Ballpark, the players, and even the uniforms. But i'm also excited because they are going after Cuban defector Yoenis Cespedes. He brings toughness, heart, passion to win, and is a tremendous athlete. It would be exciting to see someone like him representing all the Cubans that fled Cuba because of Fidel Castro. I'm Cuban - American and it would be real emotional to see him start at Center Field in the city and team that I love. The Marlins have competition though for the rights to have him. According to Cespedes agent ,Edgar Mercedes, the Detroit tigers, Baltimore Orioles, Cleveland Indians, and the Chicago Cubs and White Sox are all showing interest.  But don't expect the Marlins to lose out on this talent. If these past couple of months show us about the Miami Marlins, they are here to play ball and ready to compete on the filed and also in the bidding war.

Is Phiblin the answer??

 First of all, Hi everybody. I've been gone for a while, but now i'm back. My wife had a our first boy, Isaiah, who is doing great and looking real healthy. I know for us Miami Dolphin fans, this sounds way to familiar. new coaches promising so many things, and fans getting excited just thinking about what could be. A lot of people have been saying that they would have loved Fisher instead. Are you sure about that?. 16 years as  head coach and what did they win? I think he's a good coach, but not someone who Dolphins should have over paid just for his name. I really think the Dolphins( especially Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland) finally did something right. We know that he doesn't have head coaching experience, but we do know he was the brain behind all those years at Green Bay when all they do is score points. And especially right now, for Dolphans, we NEED some offense to remind us of the old days of Dan the Man. So who knows what he really have in Coach Phiblin. Whats the worst that can happen? New Coach?  Nothing Dolphans are not used to.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

S.I. calls UM to disband football??

Sports Illustrated UM Cover

 I say MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS S.I.!! You come out and publish a story that Miami Hurricanes football should "close down" because of what happend with Mr. Snitch(Shapiro). I don't see why S.I. would do that if NOTHING  has been proven yet. To me it just shows how much Miami teams in general are hated on. You can say all you want, but i'm 30 yrs. old now and have ALWAYS felt the hate on this team especially. I know what happend in the 80's and 90's was a little awkward for some people. But that's how we do things here in Miami, not all the illegal stuff, but the swagger that this team brings. Ever since those decades, writers, bloggers, outside of Miami, have been WISHING they had a team like the University of Miami. UM should NOT  drop football, and if anything suspend the players that are found guilty. Why close down the schools program and let other innocent students suffer? Let the school fix its own problem without "experts" giving their input. KEEP HATING HATERS

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dolphins sign Larry Johnson

So the Dolphins signed Larry Johnson today. Does anyone know WHY??. They cut Kory Sheets, which I can see why, but to sign Larry Johnson??. It doesn't make sense to me at all. Especially if they didn't re-sign Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams because they were "washed up". Johnson has not done much the past few years. I mean the only thing he's been good at is getting into trouble with women. If the coaching staff was nervous about the RB situation, and wanted a veteran presence, then why let Ricky go?. He never cared about starting or getting so many carries. All I know is that Johnson has A LOT  to prove to the fans that he can still play ball and stay out of trouble(which means he needs to stay away from South Beach). I don't know how much of a "help" he can be to Bush or the rookie Daniel Thomas. Not much of an outstanding guy in and out of the locker room.